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Northern Colorado Stained Glass Supply has many different glass classes for people of all skill levels, from the very beginner copper foil piece and leaded panel to the advanced fused jewelry.   

Please call 970-482-7655 to inquire about pricing and availability.

BRING A FRIEND: For several classes we encourage you to bring a friend and receive a per-student discount price.

Introductory Copper Foil Class:
This is a one-session class that may last 2-3 hours.  Students make a small sun catcher.  All work is done here, so you don't need to buy any tools.  Patterns and supplies (glass, foil, solder, etc.) are provided

Advanced Copper Foil Panel Class:
This is a 3 to 4 session class, with each class session lasting about 2 to 3 hours.  This class involves making an 8x10 inch panel of a sunset, a Victorian design, or a flower design, using copper foil technique.  The pattern is supplied and materials are extra.

The Copper Foil Lampshade class:
This is an advanced class.  This class consists of 2 sessions. The first class is all about what kind of glass makes a great lampshade, making your pattern and jig, and reinforcing.  The second class is putting your lampshade together.

Beginning Leaded Glass Panel:

This is a 5 week course. We teach you how to make your pattern and jig, cut your glass, lead, solder, and finish your panel.  This class does require homework, so purchasing of some tools is necessary. The pattern for this project will be supplied. We have a great selection of various priced tools.

Private Instruction:
By arrangement, please call 970-482-7655 to schedule.



  • We sell all the tools you need to make your stained glass designs.
  • We have the best selection of beautiful glass in Northern Colorado!
NCSGS has a very large selection of stained glass in stock, as well as all the necessary tools for the hobbyist or professional glass artist. You will find glass from a variety of U.S. manufacturers including Kokomo , Wissmach, Spectrum, Youghiogheny, Uroborus and Bullseye, as well as full and machine antique from Europe .
  • We also have lots of wonderful ready-made glass gifts, panels, crystals, and jewelry.  We also make and design original custom windows for your home or business.
  • We do repairs and restorations.
We sell clear, textured and colored glass to replace glass in cabinet doors. This can also be use for small windows where privacy is needed.

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Northern Colorado Stained Glass Supply

Northern Colorado Stained Glass Supply
"Seeded Glass", Cabinets built by Jeffrey Schultz

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